Tax liability is, in simple terms, the consequence of actions taken. Such events as e.g. conclusion of an agreement, incorporation or transformation of a company, obtaining compensation, making a donation or acquiring an inheritance have tax consequences.

Our firm offers comprehensive services covering all aspects of business activity, including tax services. We represent our Clients in tax proceedings, proceedings before courts and public administration bodies.

We provide support in solving current tax problems related to the conducted business activity, but first of all we help our Clients in predicting tax consequences of their actions. We also find optimal solutions in the field of tax law.

In order to provide our Clients with the highest standard of service, we constantly analyze the most important changes in tax law, identify tax risks and propose solutions aimed at reducing them. We try to select measures comprehensively, taking into account not only tax, but also accounting aspects.

We provide legal assistance with regard to:

  • Value Added Tax
  • Corporate income tax
  • Income tax on natural persons
  • Inheritance and donation tax
  • tax on civil law transactions
  • local taxes and fees
  • excise tax
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