Court disputes

The leading specialization of our law firm is representing our Clients in cases before courts of all instances. Many hours spent in courtrooms and hundreds of drafted pleadings have made us specialists in this field.

However, representation in court means not only attending hearings, but also spending many hours preparing, drafting pleadings, ensuring the proper course of the process, and most importantly, entering into it with a properly and thoroughly developed strategy. That is why we approach each case individually, and all actions are taken after a thorough analysis of the problems present in the case and with a plan of action agreed on with the Client.

Our Clients always receive information about the chances of success in the case and about its possible risks. We gladly undertake difficult cases, as the final success gives double satisfaction.

We represent our Clients in particular:

  • in all civil and commercial matters
  • in family matters (e.g. divorce, alimony) and inheritance matters (e.g. retainer, declaration of inheritance);
  • Proceedings for the division of property, division of inheritance or dissolution of co-ownership;
  • in matters relating to contractual claims;
  • in payment cases;
  • compensation or damages;

Conducting a given trial, we strive to obtain the most favorable outcome with the least possible time and financial commitment for our Clients.

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