Criminal law

A lawyer is usually the only ally of a suspect/defendant in a criminal case, with the duty to guard and defend his/her rights. In the case of criminal proceedings, the first days after an arrest/ summons are often crucial. Actions taken by the Police or the Public Prosecutor’s Office cannot be taken lightly as they may result in a charge being brought against you for committing a crime. That is why we recommend that you contact an attorney as soon as you become aware of the law enforcement authorities’ interest so that you have an equal chance in the proceedings.

Our attorneys undertake defense in all criminal cases, before all courts, and at every stage of the case.

Advocate Andrzej Luty adjudicated criminal cases for many years as a district court judge. Then, being an advocate, he defended the firm’s Clients in several hundred criminal cases.

We know the specificity of criminal proceedings and we are able to realistically assess the chances of our Clients. Together with the Client we try to work out the best tactics and achieve a favorable outcome of the case.

When the situation requires it, we take the necessary steps to work out the most favorable conditions for voluntary submission to penalties.

We draft all pleadings during the proceedings, including complaints, appeals and cassation appeals to the Supreme Court.

We are defense counsels in enforcement proceedings, i.a. in cases for postponement of sentence execution, granting of a break in penalty execution, conditional early release, permission to serve the sentence in the electronic monitoring system (SDE).

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