Since the beginning of our Law Firm, a significant part of our cases are inheritance proceedings. We know from practice that these matters can cause great emotions and generate conflicts between family members. We try to cool down these emotions, and to prevent conflicts, but above all, we put the interests of our Clients.

We advise, assist and conduct all proceedings before the courts. We explain what the inheritance case is about, what we have to do and what the sequence of actions should be. We reliably present the rights and obligations of the Client, while realistically assessing the chances and risks in the case. We collect evidence, develop a strategy and then proceed to take action.

We offer you legal assistance in the following inheritance cases:

  • for confirmation of inheritance acquisition – proceedings that aim at determining who has acquired
  • rights to the inheritance of a given testator, on what basis and in what proportion;
  • partition of inheritance – a procedure that aims to eliminate the commonality of inheritance property, to
  • divide property among heirs and to reach mutual settlements between them;
  • retainer – a claim for payment of a certain sum of money to children, spouse and parents of a testator
  • who were not included in the will;
  • testamentary nullity – a testator may challenge the validity of a will if there was a state of affairs that
  • prevented the testator from making a conscious or free decision and expressing his will, or if there was
  • an error or a threat;
  • acceptance or rejection of the inheritance – the inheritance can be accepted directly or with the benefit
  • of inventory or it can be rejected;
  • acceptance of an inheritance by a minor child – rejection of the inheritance for a minor child requires
  • the court’s permission and a deadline;
  • being declared unworthy of the inheritance – an heir may be declared unworthy by the court if: 1) he/she has intentionally committed a grave crime against the bequeather; 2) he/she has tricked or threatened the bequeather into making or revoking a will, or has prevented him/her from doing one of these things; intentionally concealed or destroyed the testator’s will, forged or altered his or her will, or knowingly used a will forged or altered by another person.

Inheritance proceedings are often complex, take a long time and require a great deal of commitment. It is therefore worth entrusting them to a lawyer to ensure that you have the upper hand in the matter.

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