We have noticed that many people unknowingly sign various contracts without consulting their content with an attorney. As long as the cooperation under such an agreement goes well, most often no one even remembers about the contract. However, we always repeat: a contract is drawn up for “difficult times”, which may occur during this cooperation. Only when the contract is improperly executed (non-payment, delays, destruction of premises), everyone refers to its content and invokes the provisions contained therein.

Therefore, we know what responsibility an attorney has when drafting, amending or negotiating a contract. Often, it takes days of work to write several pages of a contract, because it involves meticulous analysis of regulations and the need to anticipate risks. Our role is to provide our Clients with the best possible protection against them.

Our offer includes drafting contracts in a professional manner. We provide our Clients with legal support at the stage of drafting, negotiating, concluding as well as executing and terminating a contract. We prepare “tailor-made” contracts, in accordance with the Client’s expectations and taking into account the limitations imposed by law.

Our lawyers represent Clients in lawsuits related to improper performance or non-performance of contracts, in particular in the field of construction work contracts, contracts for specific work, mandate contracts, as well as sale and lease agreements.

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