Compensation and redress

Persons intending to file a claim for compensation should consciously choose who will represent them in the process. It should be borne in mind that it sometimes happens that insurance companies understate the compensation paid or conclude settlements with injured parties on unfavourable terms, which often makes it impossible to further assert claims. Often the sums involved are large, therefore it is worth entrusting your case to professionals.

Our lawyers have conducted many proceedings for payment of compensation or damages representing both perpetrators of the damage and injured persons. We have experience in cases for:

  • compensation/indemnity for a fatal accident
  • compensation/indemnity for a traffic accident
  • compensation/indemnity for personal injury from third party liability
  • compensation/indemnity for unjustified arrest
  • compensation/indemnity for medical errors
  • compensation/indemnity from life insurance
  • compensation/indemnity for an accident at work
  • compensation for expropriation
  • compensation for transmission facilities

The assistance of the attorneys of our law firm in compensation cases is comprehensive and consists in providing legal advice, planning strategies, representing the interests of clients before entities liable for payment, as well as conducting litigation (drafting all pleadings, appearing at hearings before all courts).

We also point out that the compensation company (even if it is called a “law firm”) is not the same as a law firm. In fact, they have nothing to do with each other, because only in a law firm services are provided by authorized attorneys.

If you entrust an attorney with your case, you can be sure that:

  • he/she is a professional attorney and therefore a person authorized to appear before all courts;
  • he/she graduated from 5-year law studies
  • has specialist knowledge
  • he has passed a proper examination, usually preceded by 3 years of legal training
  • He is bound by regulations prohibiting contracting with Clients for remuneration constituting an
  • abnormally high percentage of the amounts received, as well as concluding unfair contracts with
  • clients
  • has civil liability insurance
  • will act exclusively in the interest of the Client
  • will conduct the case with due diligence
  • will not make a settlement that is unfavorable to his Client

We support the social campaign prepared by the Polish Bar Association “Choose wisely, choose a lawyer” which was created in response to the actions of the so-called compensation offices. Its main objective is to make the public aware that choosing an advocate is the best first choice when it comes to legal services. Due to the growing number of people aggrieved by the actions of some compensation companies, spots were created to draw attention to some of the unfair practices in seeking compensation.

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